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Article requirements

Article-requirementsIt would be a really great pleasure for us, if you decide to write an article for Psychologies.Today or even become our author. Please read these requirements before you start the process of writing.

  1. Your article should be readable. Use only pure English without slang or special notions.
  2. Our readers are not psychologists, so do not use scientific terms, try shape your thoughts with simple words. If you need to use a new word, it is good to give a definition using simple language.
  3. As Psychology is the subject of our magazine, your article should be related to psychology. We do not publish not psychological articles ( even psychiatry, spirituality, astrology and so on). We have nothing against these areas, but we want our magazine to be only psychological and medical topics can lead to self-medication among readers and esoteric can be offensive to people with a different outlook and belief.
  4. The article should be unique. The uniqueness of the article we will check with specialized services, copy and paste is not allowed. Quotations are the only exception to this rule.
  5. We except only your own work. Publication under the name of the other person or on behalf is prohibited.
  6. Use only true facts in the article, it is prohibited to use the disputed information that requires additional checks.
  7. You cannot publish material that violates the existing legislation.
  8. Erotic and pornographic themes are forbidden. If you choose to write an article on Sexology, pay attention to this point. This column aims to improve sexual relations in couples, but the article should relate solely to the psychological aspects of sexual relations.
  9. It is prohibited to use in articles obscene language even in hidden form.
  10. We also refuse to publish articles that promote any kind of discrimination, contain an appeal to violence, sharpen hatred, humiliate human dignity.
  11. Advertisement is strictly prohibited in your articles, as well as links to other web-sites. If your purpose is advertising purpose, then check Advertising and Affiliate programs.
  12. It is forbidden to disclose the personal data of third parties. If you are describing a case study for the Case, you should get your client’s permission on description of his case. You also should change some facts in order to protect private life of your client.
  13. Be careful in giving guidance, instructions and statements in your article, because some of them can hurt feelings and even can do harm to our readers.
  14. We encourage your active participation in the discussion of your article in the comments.
  15. You can find illustrations for your article. The picture also must be original, of good quality and high resolution, without any labels
  16. We do not limit you in volume of articles, recommended amount is 1000-5000 characters without spaces.
  17. Your article will be translated into Russian and Ukrainian.
  18. You agree not to publish written for Psychologies.Today article anywhere within six months.
  19. We do not pay for writing articles!
  20. PERSONAL EDITORS’ FAD. Our fad is: no meat-eating and animal violent content! As the creators of this magazine are vegetarians, we ask our authors do not describe consumption of meat products. We do not force you to join our lifestyle, but in your articles if you need to describe the meal, please replace burgers and chicken legs on salads and fruit. Try to find some alternative to other types of murder and violence against animals, such as the “fur”, “hunting”, “fishing”. Thanks in advance!
  21. We can reject to publish your article if it doesn’t fit to any of these points.

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