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Rules of our web-site

rulesDear guests!

Please note that Psychologies.Today has some rules that ensure pleasant communication and personal growth, and violation of which cause negative atmosphere, removal of comments and ban.

It’s prohibited:

  • Insults and threats;
  • Off topic posts;
  • Invasion in privacy and personal space of other users and authors;
  • Violation of the legislation;
  • Advertising and links on other web-sites;
  • All kinds of discrimination (racial, national, sexual, ethnic, religious, social, etc.);
  • Hateful behavior and appeal to violence;
  • Personal data disclosure of other persons and organizations;
  • Profanity;
  • Giving of false information, as well as information that requires verification;
  • It is forbidden to give advice!

If you want to get advice – post in the relevant section and you will get professional advice from our psychologist, whose qualification is checked by administration.

If you want to help somebody, it’s enough to encourage him or to talk about your feelings; if you were in a similar situation – remember: things that were good for you, may not be good for another person and may even hurt! Your experience is priceless, you can describe it in the comments, without giving direct instructions and each person will decide for himself what could be useful for him in your story.

Thank you in advance for keeping to these rules!