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Halo effect or why we judge people insufficiently

Aleksandra Dibazhe, symboldrama psychotherapist

Have you ever noticed that when you like the man from the first meeting you stay charmed by him/her further? Let’s pretend that you’ve had juridical or medical consultation or just come to the electronic store on your way home. If a lawyer, a doctor, a manager or any other specialist have been attractive, nice dressed, affable, and treated you nice you’d consider him to be not only smart, decent but also a well-qualified specialist that could help you with your problem.

So it will depend on you first impression whether you buy an expensive TV from the seller or trust the specialist with your case or treatment. This is a result of the halo effect.

The word «halo» means ring of gold light around the head of man, it’s a holy symbol; shine, radiance.

We tend to spread this radiance on the person’s image, treating the attractiveness as the evidence of inner grace. So we consider this man to be «good» in everything. The halo effect also works reverse., Лидер, которому доверяют: 6 ключевых особенностей,

If you have a negative image of a man, this negative first impression also collides. This effect is called the «horns» effect.

It is interesting that the halo effect can be traced in any person’s behavior as a result of inherent man’s subjectivism. When we have formed positive or negative images of a man our subconsciousness from the flow of information will choose the one that proves this image. For example if we like a person from the star we believe that he/she is kind, friendly, loves children and helps animals.

That’s why when we get to know that he/she behaves inappropriate in public places or is rude we won’t percept such an information or will even call for evidences.

The most interesting thing is that when we see inappropriate behavior of such a man in person we justify him: «No, he just can’t behave like that! Something must have happened. Somebody made him lost his temper»

On the contrary, if a person made a bad impression on you, you would blame him in all the troubles of this world without any scruples. He would also have a variety of flaws in his character. But this doesn’t last forever.

Halo effect works in communication with unfamiliar people or short time communication. The more we get to know a person the more objective we become in our statements about him/her.

Halo effect doesn’t dazzle us no more and we begin to see either positive or negative features of a person.

So use this wonderful effect as long as you can. Always try to look good and smile!

Turn your halo up and try to win hearts and minds.

Author Aleksandra Dibazhe

Translator Ksenia Andriushchenko

Original Text Эффект ореола или почему мы необъективно оцениваем людей

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