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The Ball Host. What is Your Life Priorities? Exercise

Today we offer you an exercise to determine your life values and your priorities.

Imagine that you have to organize a ball.

So you’ve gathered the best people of your city and the whole world. And even those who have gone and fictional characters responded on your invitation. Your imagination is unlimited!

Many people want to greet you as the organizer of the ball. Among them, there are a priest, a banker, the head of a large corporation, a scientist, an indispensable worker at a factory, an artist, a person living on welfare, a famous singer, the mayor, your mother.

Whom do you greet first?

And the second?

Arrange the proposed characters in the order in which you will respond to their greeting.

Perhaps you would like to shake hands with someone else? Add them to this list as well.

So, your values ​​are distributed as follows:

  • Priest – spirituality,
  • Banker – finance,
  • The head of a large corporation – career,
  • Scientist – knowledge,
  • An indispensable worker – hard work,
  • Artist – creativity,
  • A person living on welfare – laziness, searching for shortcuts,
  • Famous singer – public recognition, to be recognizable,
  • Mayor – power,
  • Your mom –  family.

Whom do you add to this list? And what do you associate this person (or these people) with?

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