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Вопрос психологу мнение психолога отношения психология сна семейная психология Юлия Шендер, Супруги спят порознь: мнение психолога, Психология отношений Психология сна Семейная психология,

Spouses Sleep Separately: Psychologist’s Opinion

Quite often in a life of a couple there comes a moment when they have to sleep separately. The reasons may be different: small children who take the entire mother’s attention, job shifts of one of a spouses, lack of conditions for sleeping together, etc. Let’s see if this is good?

First of all, sleeping together strengthens the emotional bonds between spouses. In our turbulent world, where both partners should be employed, this may be the only opportunity to have some time together, to give each other warmth, affection and support. It’s not about intimacy, it’s more about physical closeness, when you hear breathing of your partner, feel his or hers heartbeat and warmth. At this moment, you are in a positive regression. That means you dive into the age of a small child, you accept unconditioned love, as you did it in your childhood.

In a harmonious relationship, sleeping separately should be the exception rather than the rule. Of course, there are people who claim that separate sleep is good for them: they get deeper sleep and intimate relationships have a brighter color, as in situations of long separation. That can be true. But sometimes some family problems are hiding behind the separate sleep? Why do you choose to sleep separately? What do you dislike about sleeping together? Perhaps these reasons can be eliminated by re-equipping the bed, buying a separate set of beddings, curing snoring, agreeing on a sleep schedule?

Whatever decision you make in this case, it should be mutual. This decision should be agreed and understandable to both of partners. Let your partnership grow stronger and flourish every night!

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