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If you have decided to act, leave any doubts behind closed doors

Motivation, a complex system of values, iron willpower and unpredictable imagination are those factors, which help us create something new. If you have decided to act, leave any doubts behind closed doors, and the ideas will show up one way or another. Whatever happens to you, happens at the right time! This is because life is a skilled master of puppets, that can teach you invaluable lessons perfectly well.

It is not enough to want something, you need to be able to use it: control all of your emotions, thoughts, speech, imagination, memory and even perception. You must understand where it is appropriate to turn on all of these to the fullest, and where your best bet is to be inactive. You must realize, in order to get what you want, it is sometimes necessary to dance to someone’s tune. To try to play by someone else’s rules, thus acquiring new invaluable experience and knowledge, gaining helpful advice and making your very own mistakes. There is no need to look at how someone else has done it. These are your mistakes, and your victories! This is your life! No one else can live it for you!

We gather experience, and by doing so we shape our personality!

Each of us has three disguises:

  • the person you want to seem like;
  • the person that other people see in you;.
  • the person you truly are.

The interesting thing is, despite all the accompanying hardships, the majority of people have learned to play with these disguises. At the most appropriate moments you put on the perfect disguise.

However strong the desire to be the person everybody expects to see is sometimes, it might be hard to suppress your genuine self. If you are used to sailing under false colors, hiding your real identity, be aware, that one day something may turn your world upside down. And when you unveil your true quirks, not being able to restrain yourself any longer, no one from your surrounding will understand the root cause behind all of this; they will simply attribute it to a stressful situation that you have gone through. And here it is, the truth which is often neglected – you stepped out of your comfort zone; all the restrictions placed by stereotypes are lifted; pasteruization is gone and the authenticity is back! Authenticity, which is always there with you, hidden behind all your disguises and society prejudgements.

, Что мы подразумеваем под настойчивостью?, psychologies.today

If your personality is so strong, that it won’t let anything control or manipulate itself, then it is likely that people around you will see the windstorm of true emotions sooner or later. And here comes the most interesting part! Since while experiencing true emotions we find it difficult to control all the psychological processes which exist, it will be easy to see one’s true colors if you manage to evoke their real feelings. You will be able to see how much truth there is and how far one is willing to go in state of anger. If communicate this idea through the language of transactional analysis, a Child enters a dialog instead of a reasonable Adult. A willful Child, who still looks at the world through the lens of innocence. And this exact prism enables to act as one wishes without thinking about consequences.

We just need something out of the ordinary to happen to us from time to time. Something unexplainable. Incredible. When you receive a tempting offer, accept it, without going through all those «what if» thoughts in your mind. Instead of guessing and wondering isn’t it better to know for sure? The only way to do so is by taking actions and seeing what happens. It is better to regret the things you’ve actually done than what might have happened…

Ideal is unattainable, but who prevents you from striving to approach it?

Author Yulia Povar

Translator Daria Samusenko

 Original text Если вы решили действовать, закройте двери для сомнений

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