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Simplify your life

Every day we hear a lot of simple rules about life but we remember them only after some time. They are always in our memory but we can’t use them in some irritating situations.

In some situations they really make our attitude easier. Sometimes you should repeat them like mantra (despite usual counting till 10 for relaxing your nerves) so negative emotions will give the place for reasonable understanding of the situation. I want to share some rules that help me (when I remember them!).

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Rule №1 Accept people for who they are or just leave them alone. You can’t change people. The only person you could change is you. If you want to remake someone, you show a real disrespect and dislike. This process contains too much egoism – you try to customize someone for your standards, for your views and needs. When your plan fails (no other variant), you will be disappointed in this person.

Rule №2. Everyone has his or her own image of happiness. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Your image of happiness is different from others images of happiness. You don’t need to pay attention for what and how other people do (if this doesn’t violate your personal boundaries, of course). Everything else is acceptable as far as it suits their own views and needs.

Rule №3. Do not compare with a round blue (or wood and sour).

Don’t compare different people or yourself with the others. Everyone has his or her own destiny. That’s why we have different qualities and talents. Try to find something unique in every person, not something ordinary. We are different. «Different» doesn’t mean bad or better than me.

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Rule №4. Do not be jealous for other people’s success.

This rule continues the previous one. If you don’t compare, you have no one to be jealous for! Try to learn to value your achievements and everything you have. We have some jealousy because of feeling of deficiency from our childhood. Our parents didn’t want to spoil us that is why they gave us their love spoon by spoon. It was like there was not enough love because it was a little. This feeling of deficiency has influence on other life aspects. For example, if someone has something more then you, then the only reason is because you don’t have enough! Use your jealousy as a benefit if you can’t put it out of your life – achieve what you want, achieve your goals, take your own portion of happiness! Do not be jealous of your neighbor’s house, build your own that will be better!

Rule №5. Nobody owes anybody anything.

If the person thinks all the time that he owes something to somebody, or if the world owes him something, excessive amount of stress is formed. It causes to stress and different deceases. If you know that nobody owes you nothing, you will take attention and other people’s care with pleasure, you will appreciate the time they share with you.

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Rule №6. Do not delay your life.

You don’t have «tomorrow». It doesn’t exist. Happiness would not come, when you have done everything that you want. It can be in every moment of your life, in every breath. In another way you have a risk to chase it during your life. Almost from the first grade we force our children to think about their future career, we customize them, try to hurry. Where to hurry? Why? Of course, we need some goals, but our life is like a sheet that contains a lot of days. If every day is grey, this sheet won’t be colorful.

Rule №7. Closeness with people doesn’t depend on blood relations.

If you feel yourself uncomfortable around your family members, if this communication poisons your life, do not force yourself to continue these relations only because of blood relations. The genetics is not the reason to torment you.

Rule №8. Do not try, just do it!

During the planning of anything, try to determine what you can do and what you can’t. Don’t add to you plan something that you can’t do. In this case, the whole plan will be feasible; all the details will need a little time.

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Rule №9. Curiosity is not a shame, it broadens your mind.

Try to learn new information about the world, about different cultures, about numerous discoveries. About everything – if you have the broader you horizon, you have less fears and stress, because they arise when there is no enough information.

Rule №10. You are the creator of your life.

Everything that is happening to you – is a result of your actions. This responsibility are not for week people, but when you accept this option, you life become easier. The time for prosecution and conviction someone you will use for self-improvement and self-development.

Author Anna Kulinich
Translator Anna Kelman
Original text «Упрощатели» жизни

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