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Unexpendable hypnosis

There are a lot of myths about hypnosis. Often, thinking about hypnosis, we are afraid that someone will inspire something unnecessary in our minds. I hasten to please you. It’s impossible to inspire nothing contrary to our values. To do this, you need to erase the mind completely, to make a man limp vegetable.

We live in an age of speed – the speed of thought, words, ideas. Today, to send a letter from one part of the world to another, we need a second. We are  modern people, we can not spend many years in the analysis of our life stories.  Life history, it’s main landmarks can be analyzed in a couple of meetings and also main brakes, which prevent to enjoy and develop. And then we are waiting for the real help and real rapid change. Here hypnosis is unexpendable.

духовные практики личностный рост Нелля Новикова размышления саморазвитие эмоции, Высвобождение внутренней энергии,

What is hypnosis? It mobilizes our own resources, knowledge and experience. We don’t teach schemes, behaviors, understanding, we are not allowed the installation, we don’t teach values. We help to find our own knowledge of the decision, which is stored in the unconscious layers of the psyche, of our psyche. Hypnosis – is a tool that has a firm scientific basis.

In hypnosis we gain our inner abilities, rather than outer. This abilities don’t need to buy, teach, train.  Everyone of us -is an endless ocean of possibilities.

All answers already exist in us, we need to find them. Don’t come up, don’t inspire, invent, but only to find and activate.

But any interference in our finest “universe” mentality should be conducted only by expert. Find it, ask education, trust your instincts and successful journey in hypnosis for your own happiness.

Author Liubov Kirillova

Translator Alina Rutskaya

Original article Незаменимый гипноз

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