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What does it mean for you to be valuable? And how can the word “value” be interpreted? How can it be measured at all? When a person can be called rich or poor? Someone estimates the notions of the wealth and value from material point of view and the others, vice versa, from moral one. According to these questions, humanity has divided into two opposite parts. Great financial supply, good social status and everything else, that is connected with it, is on the mind of the first group. The members of the other group don’t care how many zeros you have on your bank account and how you earn your living because they are just interested in communicating with you. Both of them can occupy any niche in the society, have different annual income and freely communicate with each other without touching upon particular issues. It is not surprising that many people from the first group after the reconsideration change their priorities and change the side.

Inner wealth and material wealth are two comparable ideas as it is possible to compare them with small box of valuables. If the personality is rich inwardly, he will possess some magnetic charisma and confidence. For them, mountains are not such big obstacles and the ocean isn’t so deep to cross it. Their opinion is considered because self-development plays an important role and they will be well grounded in many things. When a person radiates such energy he can do the most unreal things and reach his goals. The confidence and the charisma are the vehicle for the progress of the humankind! That’s why never loose the most valuable qualities and let to nobody take them away. Remember that each argument has its counterargument. Each unfairness will be delivered to justice. And there is a pinch of endorphine for the blues that will make you to look at the Pacific Ocean like at the small lake in the atlas…

Вопрос психологу отношения, Влюбленному младшему брату дурит голову несвободная девушка., Задать вопрос Новости,

Nobody can steal you inner wealth and your charisma. Only your brain is capable of this! The sins of youth, old injuries and diseases that happened to us during our life is your past that can play a trick with us. The intertwined accumulation of neurons, which we are used to call a brain, in fact is a very fragile organ. Every strike can cause particular consequences that may reveal in decades. For example, mad time parties with endless alcohol can transform your brain so much that it will never become the same. The strike mentioned above may lead to the development of Parkinson’s disease.

I don’t want you to think that my modest tirade calls upon to isolate yourself from everybody and everything, create a safe cocoon and undergo the physical and the emotional dangers. I mean that the true art of living is the ability to keep the balance between these notions. When you become rich inwardly, when you are in force to overcome any pain, when you are able to condone the shortcomings you enrich the box of your values. Nobody knows whether it will be a knick-knack or a polished diamond. Only you are the author of what is there. Ponder over your life like over a separate story and think about what will be the most valuable for you and WHO is the true person in your surrounding and who is an oppressive and poor fake of something. Think over what you would you like to change and why don’t you do this right now?!

And the last thing, if our lives were alike to universe and the ticking of the clock never stopped, would be there any sense? Would we continue to love? Take care? And everything that is important and meaningful for each of us, would it have at least any value?

Yulia Povar

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